11 février 2012

You visit condemn once again I really am at a loss

The pool didn't want to fly at all, one is no place so much burden of heart and mind. How many times would like to stand still, silence is golden, reclusive mountain forests. Are you feeding, timely reversal of my mind, I didn't rally, picked up the self-confidence and courage at first, continued to move forward, continue to climb, continues to speed his pen. Join us in trials and hardships, carrying each other, do not all know each other, regarding the true state of one ' s mind. Don't want to give you too much honey, every time the subject of treason you. Is to shift your thinking, no longer indulge once in crazy.


You visit condemn once again, I really am at a loss, where I get to you-sensitive? Am I there really is a stumbling block to you? Am I withdrawing from society and live alone, do you live in? Thousands of questions with wind and snow drift to your hearts. Do you ever feel cold? Ever feel distressed? Am I really that thorn between you heart? Never hit Gold WOW, inadvertently, are depriving others of Rong Zun. Cross another Ridge in my mind, how can I face the complex you hang on?

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