16 janvier 2012

Such is the time of day by day has passed

Do you remember it? You take me to the sea, you told me the story of the sea. You let me hold you by bike, you fear I wrestling. I'm sleepy, you hold me in your arms, let me go to sleep Buy Cheap WOW GoldI was hungry and you bought me my favorite meal, look I eat is your happiest moment sth All of it will stay in my memory, and you want to say to me: "look at me happy, you're happy, don't cry, because you think I will live to be happy every day.


Such is the time of day by day has passed, I miss you more and more deep, until one day, I blame myself to say, why did you leave, I'm not saying you don't go, don't leave me.


Each dream, are dreaming of waking, think of you, without my tears will flow down occasionally to wipe my tears with your hand. Original now know, your existence is for me the most precious wealth. Separation is nothing, but separated again and for me, is that the pain, again and again I hope you stay, you don't go, but sth Really want to miss you.

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