07 janvier 2012

I fear most now is is too deep by injury of life

Some love to a whole life to forget that some hate the same fuzzy the concept of time and love go together. So there's a lot of people, thought can be quickly forgotten, but I always do it. Because they can't tell love and hate, they have been hiding in a corner of your heart, until the end of your life sth


This is not the world we can act, we must follow the rules, otherwise it will be real torture beyond recognition. So, who's who is conscious, who know the cruel! Face it, we really can't.


So long, I do not know what on Earth is felt in his heart. I fear most now is, is too deep by injury of life, I'll be farther away from reality. I would get cold, the vicious, my soul without love There's so much want to say in his heart, but don't know how to express! Let it stay in the heart kind of sth Perhaps, every injury, is invisible to grow.Think too much can only let more and more people are sad, said that too many people makes people become more and more frustrated, watching too much makes heart followed gradually became desert 

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