21 décembre 2011

It has a lofty ambition not to be subdued by force

It has a deep sentiments of aromatic noble-minded. Posture simple but elegant Orchid, flower, exotic, colourful, a delicate fragrance and pleasant. Bone of the plum blossom, Lotus charm WOW Gold for sale, chrysanthemum and odd, narcissus Zhi ya, she both, and a clean, simple, tough personality introversion has many virtues. Chu poet Qu Yuan's "autumn Orchid come clear, green leaves on trees purple stems, with full live beauties" such verses to Ode to Orchid, known as the Orchid beauty, the gentleman. At first, the Southern Song dynasty, it is often expressed as painting orchids covered a Song Bang go down after the depression, scholars with lofty ideals in no way with the integrity of the ups and downs. Eight blame one of Zheng ban-Qiao Yang Zhou, particularly like to draw the "canopy" in the mountains of yelan. It is said that he had dozens of pots of Orchid, and often in warm spring day of porting it to the wild of cinnamomum burmannii, make it grow in the coming year arrow, view their state quite so straight up, smell the rich aroma of pure, its "warm spent fighting fiercely in climate and dense" Zhen of the United States in substance. Since ancient times, how many wise men yi often to orchids self-admiration style to high standard conditions. "Beauty Vanilla" of that, more or less of those reported by people with lofty ideals are not known to the world of grief and depression. Visible, the cleanness and elegant, Verve cover of orchid is a symbol of the noble personality. ­


It has a lofty ambition not to be subdued by force, Orchid never cater to those in power, nor does it drift. It comes from the mountains, grow on steep slopes or between stones, as long as the condition of soil, air, temperature, heat is moderate, as long as the breathable loose, is capable of growth. Can it out of the mountains and not forgetting the mountains, into the city and love for the city, as someone described it as "rich do not forget their roots, not poor forgotten source." It with an aura of nature into the city, went into the thousands, with the mountain lifestyle, along its trajectory calmly growth ambition. If human change its nature, it does not grow, not to germination, flowering, to die fighting. Honest Abe, regardless of their people are equal, no questions asked are you a dignitary or common people, as long as your true feelings, heart care, it will be able to vote in wood of peach

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