14 décembre 2011

Is this place does not snow in winter

Countless stories of life, we cannot deny the beginning and the end of it. As if the snow in my memory, falls in the heart, such as falls in front of, still waiting for the wind dry haze of heart Buy WOW Gold, good tenderness around the remaining, snow approaching or falling in Holiness, lingering close my eyes, imagine a back edge go a winding curl upwards sound lie scattered. Gently falls into none of the defensive in bitter. Defensive wall occasionally breaking for the devout, crisp sound for La bufadora where spattering Chu worry, people boat to go to a grievance. Listen to nothing left Maple 岚 floor groaning, dream snow blue color cover.


Without the snow falls.


Is this place does not snow in winter, even a sense of cold lonely? Cherishing the memory of standing on the pure white snow view of snow falling on his head that throbbing heart fibrillation people is there snow soul again accepted baptism, is there a covered warm hot ice spirits the empty redundant.


There is no snow in winter is a lonely, there is no snow in winter is not complete. Snow is in the winter of Elves, like the snow brings quiet and serene, face towards the skies, scattered snowflakes fluttered down from the vast expanse of sky, slowly, quietly, soft. Reaching out, want to hang on to its soft, wet palms into water vapor, just as you can't bear to touch simple. Maybe something is pure white makes it easy for people to forget, forget, forget time, immersed in a world where white, there is no rendering.

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